Will Transport
Important shipments

On Board Kurier

Are you faced with a transport task that requires exceptional solutions?

Some shipment are so important or secret that you do not lose sight of them.
In the best hands are the "important shipments" then one of our personally accompany your shipment during their journey as a bodyguard to the receiver and all this as soon as possible on board couriers.

Will Transport accepts responsibility for your goods until personal delivery to the recipient. Incorrect loads are excluded because the mission is not given out of hand.

Our On Board Courier takes the next available plane and selects on site the best possible transport for quick onward transport of your goods. Punctuality, observance of appointments and reliability are the top selection-criteria. We take over your shipment at any time and to bring it to all over the world with the next line airplane.

Wherever your shipment is to always be brought, we find the way!

Take advantage of our experience in solving such tasks.

City courier in use


Our city courier, transported your shipment on the fastest route to the destination.

We pick up your shipment as soon as possible and guarantee the prompt delivery to the recipient.

We only drive for you and do not take goods from other customers in the same vehicle./p>

They also decide on the choice of vehicle. Whether cars, Caddy or large volume trucks.

Non-stop operation:
You can instruct us at any time, no matter whether at night or on holiday.

Fast and secure:
However heavy or big your shipment may be or whatever requirements you give us for your transport - we always take your goods professionally.

On request, we can offer even more services as the delivery by cash on delivery, returns, dangerous goods, etc.

Your shipment will be delivered on time.

Special tours

Special Transports

No matter what cargo, started from the letter. There are no limits to the top. We organize special transport for your important business documents or planning the implementation and feasibility of your dangerous goods.


Procurement Logistics

Your suppliers are as proven in default of delivery? Your production must stop?

Since delivery delay means extra costs for the manufacturer, which he has to account for himself, it is not uncommon that untrusted courier services or forwarding agencies are assigned with the transportation of urgent goods. Your supplier assures you that you will receive your goods as soon as possible or that it has already been sent. Often, however, you can not even be given the information on where your shipment is currently located.

Will Transport offers you specially trained partners for this purpose. They can fully rely on us. Thanks to modern communication technology, we are able, your shipments - to locate precisely - no matter where she is currently.

For every need the right transport solution

Our scope of business comprises all services concerning the transportation of your goods and documents. Of pan-European procurement logistics over secure desk-to-desk transport of important business papers to sophisticated transport of hazardous goods, we offer a precisely tailored to your individual needs full service package.