Will Transport

The carriage of dangerous goods

All our vehicles are equipped with the necessary equipment for dangerous goods, with the certificate of approval for vehicles carrying certain dangerous goods (national transport permit for cl. 7 Radioactive). Our vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods also equipped with the appropriate load securing. All drivers are GGVS trained and are constantly checked!
Transport Will as a courier service specialising in dangerous goods, is well placed to deliver tailored solutions to all customers dangerous goods needs.

  • Dangerous goods of all classes
  • Except Class 1.1-1.6 except Class 1.4G and 1.4S limited and to UN 0336 and 0337
  • Takeover within at any location in Germany within a very short time.
  • We carriage of dangerous goods in europe.
  • Of course, we also have an agent about dangerous goods.

Classes for dangerous goods

The table below illustrates the scope of the individual classes of dangerous goods.

Hazardous symbols: Class 1 - 9
Class 1


Class 1


Class 1


Class 1


Class 2

Non-flammable and non-toxic gas

Class 2

Flammable gases

Class 2

Toxic gases

Class 3

Flammable liquids

Class 3

Flammable liquids (flammable liquids)

Class 4.1

Fire Hazardous (Flammable Solids)

Class 4.2


Class 4.3

Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases

Class 4.4

Flammable gases on contact with water

Class 5.1

Inflammatory (oxidizing) substances

Class 5.2

Organic Peroxide: Fire Hazard

Class 6.1


Class 6.2

Infectious substances

Class 7

Radioactive Material with low radiation hazard

Class 7

Radioactive Material with medium radiation hazard

Class 7

Radioactive Material with high radiation hazard

Class 8


Class 9

Miscellaneous dangerous goods