Will Transport
Privacy policy

Declaration of privacy

Responsible person agency in the sense of the data protection acts, in particular the European Union-Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO), is:
Will Transport
Mr. Sven Will
Krugstrasse 8
D-30453 Hannover

Their concerning rights

Under the indicated contact contacts of our commisioner for data protection you can exercise at any time following rights:

  • Information over your data stored with us and their processing,
  • Correction of incorrect personal data,
  • Deletion of your data stored with us,
  • Restriction of the data processing, if we may not delete your data due to legal obligations yet,
  • Contradiction against the processing of your data with us and
  • Data transferability, if you consent to the data processing or a treaty with us to have completed.

If you gave us a consent, you can recall these at any time with effect for the future.
They can turn at any time with a complaint to the regulatory agency competent for you. Their competent regulatory agency depends on the Federal state of your domicile, your work or the presumed injury. You find a list of the regulatory agencies (for the closed range) with address under: https://www.bfdi.bund.de/DE/Infothek/Anschriften_Links/anschriften_links-node.html.
Purposes of the data processing by the responsible person agency and third.

We convert your personal data only to the purposes specified in this declaration of privacy. A transmission of your personal data third to others than the purposes referred to does not take place on. We continue to give your personal data only to third, if:

  • They your express consent in addition gave,
  • the processing for the settlement of a treaty with you is necessary,
  • the processing for the fulfillment of a legal obligation is necessary,

the processing for the keeping of justified interests is necessary and no reason to the acceptance exists that you have a predominant interest worthy of protection in the non-proliferation of your data.
Data collection of general information with the visit of our website
If you access our website, by means of a Cookies information of general nature is entered automatically. These information (server log files) contains for instance the kind of the Web browser, the used operating system, the domain name of your Internet service provider and like. Here it exclusively concerns information, which does not set conclusions on your person.
These information is technically necessary to deliver over from you requested contents of web pages correctly and accrues on use of the Internet compellingly. They are converted in particular to the following purposes:

  • Safekeeping of a problem-free connection establishment of the website,
  • Safekeeping of a smooth use of our website,,
  • Evaluation of the system security and - stability as well as
  • for further administrative purposes.

The processing of your personal data is based on our entitled interest from the aforementioned purposes for data acquisition. We do not use your data, in order to draw conclusions on your person. Payees of the data are only the responsible person agency and if necessary order processing plant.
Anonymous information of this kind is if necessary statistically evaluated by us, in order to optimize our Internet presence and those backing technology.

SSL encryption

In order to protect the security of your data during the transmission, we use the actual state of the art appropriate encoding procedures (e.g. SSL) over HTTPS.

Form for contact

If you enter concerning questions of any kind by email or form for contact with us into contact, give us for the purpose of the establishment of contact your voluntary consent. For this the information of a validen email address is necessary. This serves for to the allocation of the request and following answer the same. The information of further data is optional. The information provided by you is stored for the purpose of the treatment of the request as well as for possible connection questions. After completion of the request asked by you personal data are deleted automatically.

Use of Scriptbibliotheken (Google Webfonts)

In order to represent our contents browser-spreading correctly and graphically responding, we use Scriptbibliotheken and writing libraries on this website like e.g. Google Webfonts (https://www.google.com/webfonts/). Google Webfonts for the avoidance of repeated shop into the cache of your browser will transfer. If the browser does not support Google Webfonts or prevents the access, contents in a standard writing are indicated.
The call of Scriptbibliotheken or writing libraries releases automatically a connection to the operator of the library. It is theoretically possible - actually however also unclearly whether and if necessary for which purposes - that operators of appropriate libraries raise data.
You find the privacy guideline of the library operator Google here: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

Use of Google Maps

This web page uses Google Maps API, in order to represent geographical information visually. During the use of Google Maps from Google also data are raised, processed and used over the use of the map functions by visitors. Closer information about the data processing by Google can take you from the Google privacy statements. There you can change your personal privacy employments in the privacy center also.
Detailed guidances for the administration of the personal data in connection with Google products find you here: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

Amendment of our data protection regulations

We reserve ourselves to adapt this declaration of privacy thereby it always the actual legal requirements correspond or around amendments of our services in the declaration of privacy to convert, e.g. during the introduction of new services. For your renewed visit the new declaration of privacy is then valid.

Questions at the commisioners for data protection

If you have questions to the privacy, write us please an email or contact you for the privacy the responsible person in our organization directly:

Will Transport
Mr. Sven Will
Krugstrasse 8
D-30453 Hannover


Will Transport accepts responsibility for your goods until personal delivery to the recipient.
Incorrect loads are excluded because the mission is not given out of hand.